Sanyu Gikou has earned over 30 years of trust and achievement as resin professionals.
We answer your needs with sincerity.

Combining the powers of Man and Machine to realize your product.

At Sanyu Gikou, we realize that manpower is just as important as our machines are. By adding a human touch, Sanyu Gikou can realize products such as those that are not suited for the production line, or those that require levels of fine-tuning that cannot be mechanized. Furthermore, because we have people participate in machine supervision and production inspection, we are able to satisfy more customers by delivering products with greater reliability and stability.

Since being established in 1985, we have devoted ourselves to contract manufacturing as resin professionals.

Sanyu Gikou has specialized in contract manufacturing ever since we were established in 1985. When manufacturing resin, the slightest alteration can affect the finished product. With our decades of experience and fully-equipped facilities, Sanyu Gikou has the power to realize your product vision.

Examples of previous products
  • Industrial adhesives (e.g., adhesives for civil engineering and construction, adhesives for electronic parts, and reactive hot-melt adhesives)
  • Inks
  • Resin products for the medical industry
  • UV-curable resins

Manufacturing equipment to meet a wide range of needs,
and inspection equipment for accurate data measurement.

With our three plants and full array of equipment, we are fully prepared to meet the various needs of our customers. We are also equipped with and fully utilize a variety of inspection equipment for the accurate data measurement needed to reliably reach your standards of quality. (ISO9001 certification obtained in 2007)

We become a member of your team and put honest effort into our manufacturing.

It is our pleasure to work together with our customers to make quality products. We want you to know that you are in good hands, which is why we are prepared to keep you updated about quality, scheduling, production control, and more from the time you place your order to the time we deliver the finished product.

Sanyu Gikou is a wholly-owned enterprise unaffiliated with major manufacturers, so there is no need to worry about us leaking your technical information.