Company Philosophy


Thoughts incorporated into the company philosophy

Uniting the hearts of each and every one of our employees to make a company which can stand proud before the world.

President and Representative Director 
Hitoshi Kitamura

When a manager is asked “What is a company?” by one of their young employees, how should they answer? They could offer them the legal definition and answer that it is “a legal entity formed for commercial purposes,” which not incorrect. On a test, it would earn perfect marks. However, would it really be a satisfying answer for the employee who asked them?

When defining a company, there is both the legal definition as well as the following definition: “A group of people working towards a shared goal. An association. Companions, “(*1). When people think about the company as the place they go to work, I want them also to think of it as a place where they and their fellow companions come together for a common purpose.

Here at Sanyu Gikou, we believe in the value of satisfying our customers through honest work performed by the united efforts of a team of employees who aspire to be outstanding members of society. Our employees come together as one and aim to make themselves happy, to make their families happy, and to contribute to the world around them through their work. Improving customer satisfaction is our shared goal that we march towards in unison.

*1 Translated excerpt from the definition of “Company” in the 3rd edition of Daijirin (Sanseido Books).