“What resin product would you like to make?”
Sanyu Gikou is here to help.

At Sanyu Gikou, our mission is help realize your vision by manufacturing your desired resin product. For products too complicated for the production line, we turn to manpower to ensure reliable output. As resin professionals, we are fully prepared to meet a variety of needs as a member of your team.

Examples of previous products
  • Industrial adhesives (e.g., adhesives for civil engineering and construction, adhesives for electronic parts, and reactive hot-melt adhesives)
  • Inks
  • Resin products for the medical industry
  • UV-curable resins

A Word from Our Production Manager

Production Manager
Fumihiro Miyajima

Ever since being established in 1985, Sanyu Gikou has been a proprietary brand-less contract processor for synthetic resin. The manufacturing technology and multipurpose equipment that we have accumulated over the years have allowed us to realize the various needs designed or developed by our customers. We will continue our role as our customers’ manufacturing department, work with self-awareness, responsibility, and understanding, and diligently strive to improve ourselves so that we can be of greater service to our customers.

Production Manager Fumihiro Miyajima

Our three plants housea variety of mechanical equipment. We can meet your manufacturing criteria, schedule, and any other needs you have.

We support a variety of resin-specific manufacturing criteria.

Sanyu Gikou has an excellent balance of the four factors of manufacturing (man, machine, material, method), allowing us to maintain both high productivity and high quality. Our three plants are installed with equipment designed for a variety of special manufacturing criteria, and we are prepared to provide support on request for products involving resin-specific manufacturing environments with factors such as moisture or temperature. Furthermore, our production status is properly managed by a system. We are prepared to take appropriate measures in the unlikely event of defects or problems. (ISO9001 certification obtained in 2007).

Inspection technology and system management for effective product manufacturing.

Manufacturing and inspection equipment that meet customer needs.

Our expert quality control department tests your products before we deliver them to ensure that they meet your specific requirements. We have a wide range of inspection equipment for accurately reproducing your criteria, and we also rely on human senses during our pass/fail checks.
The reliable manufacturing and delivery of your requested product is exactly what you would expect of a contract processor, and it is that very expectation that we have adhered to for decades. The bond of trust that we have built with our customers is both our pride and treasure.

Nondisclosure agreements for thorough safeguarding of information.

Your important information will be protected to prevent it from being leaked to third-parties or rival companies.

Before entering a contract with you, Sanyu Gikou will sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect your formulas and any other sensitive information. Additionally, you can rest completely assured that we will never leak previous experiences or information during the manufacturing of your product. *Sanyu Gikou is a wholly-owned enterprise unaffiliated with major manufacturers.

The contract manufacturing process

Below is the process from the time you place your order to the manufacturing and delivery of the finished product. Everything from consultations to sample checks are available upon request, and we take quality checks and progress management seriously so that you know your product is in good hands.